More Full Circle Ringing in Italy

A Brief Introduction

In addition to the Veronese system, there are several full circle systems of ringing bells in Italy. Here are some links -

1) Bolognese system.

The Bolognese ringing system is a full circle change ringing system found in the Bologna region of Northern Italy.

Small bells will have just one person to ring them, larger ones two (two ropes on opposite strokes) and very large ones will have two ropes on each side of  the lever, and may have a couple of people standing on the frame too, hence the ropes hanging from the ceiling!

Have a look at :-

For a bell set at 'handstroke', see

For a bell set at 'backstroke', see

There are 3 zipped up .WAV files at

In 1.wav, the bells are only swinging a little bit. In the other two files, the bells are rung full circle.

Here are some more .WAV files of Bolognese change ringing.

Bells rung full circle :- HERE

Bells being swing chimed :- HERE

Bells being clocked :- HERE

Heavy four (S. Pietro, Bologna) rung full circle :- HERE

A short clip is at


2) Ambrosiano system.

This is practiced mainly in the Lombardy region, with a little to be found in the Piemonte region as well. The bells are rung full circle, but are heavily counterbalanced and swing very slow as a result. They have a stay mechanism which allows them to be set at handstroke only, so each bell must ring twice before standing. Ringing seems to be a sequence of slow rounds or other changes with chords.

There are several clips on youtube :- - a fantastic sounding heavy 8)


David Bagley 26/10/2006